My body feels tired, like the good tired you get after a hard days work

The effort, the energy, the determination that makes evening eyes lurk

Eager to hit the keys and dispel a stream

I'd thought you'd know what I mean

When I say that time alone is good, sometimes

Isolation is not death, nor a branch or lead to it

Forth he who comes alone may one day breakthrough a wall or find a key into a stall that after all rhymes with mothball and alcohol

which has been brought up a bit

As I have laid witness to many a sip in good company and strange

Going out in the desert, along the jagged dry range

Conversing with a few, the talented and deranged

Trying to find footing and not got stuck in the sand

Remembering to stay present and not dwell on the master plan

For indeed it is changing, the whole world about

Freedom is in the present and letting go of the doubt

that shades and cripples the fiery dream

for a little while until it returns full steam

ahead! we look until the dawn...


This Too Shall Pass

I heard the bird’s chirp and the dog’s bark

I heard the rustling of the leaves

I heard the wind and the lawnmower and the chatter of the trees

Oh plane overhead and chainsaw through the wood with your distant calming hum

I leaned into the future then fell into the past

The monkey had me for a minute in his grasp

I heard my breath and let it all go…